Unleash The Power of Tailored Audio and Video Solutions

Elevate your entertainment experience and transform any space into a world of audiovisual delight. Our team specializes in creating tailored solutions for any space, from a simple living room setup to elegant installations in a personal theater room. Our specialists will guide you through the process, ensuring an aesthetically aligned and immersive entertainment system. Get ready to elevate your entertainment with cutting-edge audio and video solutions that will bring your favorite music, shows, and movies to life like never before. 

High Performance Audio  

Step into the world of high-performance audio that fully immerses you in every note, beat, and sound. With simple and intuitive commands, connect your entire home with complete audio solutions that seamlessly stream music from popular services to any room at your desired volume levels, creating the perfect audio experience for any occasion. 

Our wide range of performance speakers caters to a myriad of audiophiles’ preferences, from surface-mount speakers to floor-standing ones that will captivate all your senses. Leave the installation to our professionals – they will expertly place and calibrate the equipment to ensure optimal sound distribution and an exceptional audio experience in every corner of your home or property.

High Performance Video 

Immerse yourself in a distributed video experience by sharing multiple sources across all your TVs without the need for renting/leasing additional source equipment. This cost-effective solution provides a clean and centralized installation footprint, delivering flawless 4K Ultra HD video over IP for an endlessly scalable and lag-free viewing experience. Embrace the future of video technology and maximize the visual possibilities for your home.  

At Arrow Electric we take great pride in ensuring that your video setup is aesthetically pleasing and follows the best practices so that your video system can scale for years to come. We work closely with you to design a system that seamlessly integrates with your décor, providing a visually appealing set up that will leave a long-lasting impression.  

Outdoor Entertainment  

Why limit your entrainment options?  Transform your outdoor space into the ultimate entertainment oasis. Picture yourself relaxing on the patio or poolside while enjoying your favorite tunes or video and setting up the ambiance with your own custom light settings. The possibilities are endless, we are here to help you find the best solutions for your outdoor space. We offer top-of-the-line equipment that is weather resistant and delivers crystal-clear visuals and sound. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology means that your entertainment system will be prepared to stand the test of time, making your equipment last for years to come.  

Arrow Electric: Your Trusted Partner 

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to create your own customizable entertainment experience. You tell us your vision and we will deliver the rest. Choose from our high-performance audio, video, outdoor solutions or a combination of all three. No matter what you choose, we promise to elevate your home entertainment to the next level. Our goal is to deliver a personalized set up that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. With Arrow Electric you can rest assured that your equipment can be upgraded with efficiency as new technology advances. 

Contact us today to embark on a new audiovisual journey.