Comprehensive Solutions For Any Project Size


Our team specializes in delivering end-to-end solutions for projects of all sizes. We have extensive experience in a myriad of industries where we have provided quality services, including:  

  • Large-Scale Housing Projects: From multifamily complexes to residential communities, we have been an integral part of electrical foundation and futureproofing such properties.  
  • Educational Facilities: We have contributed our expertise to educational institutions, ensuring safe and efficient electrical systems. 
  • Data Centers: The backbone of modern technology, data centers rely on our solutions to maintain smooth operations. 
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and healthcare facilities require specialized electrical systems for reliability and patient safety. 
  • Retail: In the dynamic retail sector, we help establishments stay powered up and operational. 
  • Manufacturing Projects: Manufacturing facilities rely on our robust electrical solutions to ensure efficiency and safety. 
  • Waste and Wastewater Treatment Facilities: We provide electrical support to vital facilities that manage waste and wastewater. 


    At Arrow Electric, our team is dedicated to offering unbeatable value to our customers. We understand the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly. That is why we provide around-the-clock services, including emergency calls, to ensure your system operates at the highest quality standard. Our licensed service technicians stay up to date with the latest electrical technological advancements to serve you better. 

    Our key services provide:   

    • Emergency Calls and 24-Hour Service: Emergencies can strike at any time, and when they do, our 24-hour service team ensures that you have a trusted partner to rely on, delivering swift solutions to restore electrical power. 
    • Outdoor and Facility Lighting Services: With the aid of our bucket trucks, we offer comprehensive lighting solutions for outdoor spaces, sports facilities, streetlights, sign repairs, and overhead service wiring. 
    • Personalized Support: Our expertise extends across diverse settings, including commercial, industrial, and residential environments. We are here to provide unwavering support and are more than happy to customize our services to meet each project requirement.  
    • Electrical Safety Inspections: Regular inspections to ensure all electrical systems adhere to safety standards, minimizing risks and enhancing overall system longevity. 
    • Automation: Advanced solutions that streamline operations and boost overall efficiency.
    • Circuit Tracing: Accurate identification and tracking of electrical circuits, ensuring optimal system functionality and aiding in troubleshooting. 
    • Arc Flash Studies: Comprehensive assessments to determine the potential risks of arc flash incidents, promoting a safer working environment. 
    • HV Replacements: Expert solutions for high voltage equipment replacement and maintenance, utilizing specialized bucket trucks to ensure safety and efficiency. 
    • Power Analysis and Report: Detailed evaluations of power consumption and distribution, providing insights for improved energy efficiency and system optimization. 
    • Thermographic Inspections: Utilizing state-of-the-art thermal imaging to detect potential issues in electrical systems, preventing costly breakdowns and enhancing safety. 
    • Maintenance Agreements: Tailored agreements to ensure regular upkeep and optimal performance of electrical systems, providing peace of mind and extended system lifespan. 


      We specialize in consulting and design engineering services. Our highly trained, in-house professionals use cutting-edge software design and 3D building modeling to guide projects from concept to completion.  

      Throughout the process and as the project evolves, we maintain transparent communication with our clients regarding costs, allowing for adaptability and ensuring decisions align with budgetary considerations without sacrificing quality. 

      This helps maintain our primary goal of ensuring that every electrical system we design delivers maximum value for our customers. 


        Arrow Electric excels in providing cost-effective design solutions, installation, and support for voice/data structural cabling. Our technicians are well-versed in the latest cable installation, termination, and testing technologies. 

        Our areas of specialization include: 

        • Structured Cabling: Establishing a strong foundation for efficient communication within your infrastructure. 
        • Fiber Optic Cabling System/Fusion Splicing: Enhancing data transfer capabilities through advanced fiber optic solutions. 
        • OTDR Testing: Ensuring the integrity and reliability of your cabling system through Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer testing. 
        • BISCI Certified: Our certification underscores our commitment to excellence in cabling solutions. 

        Life Safety

        Nothing holds greater importance than ensuring the safety and well-being of your loved ones and your environment. At Arrow Electric, we take this responsibility to heart through our strong commitment to safety.   

        Our offerings include:  

        • Fire alarms: Arrow Electric is your trusted partner for Autocall Fire Alarm Systems, elevating safety measures in emergency situations.  
        • Surveillance & Security: We offer an extensive range of cameras, video management, and security systems. Our approach is entirely tailored to align with your specific security requirements. 
        • Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA): Enhance radio frequency signal coverage with Autocall’s Bi-Directional Amplifier.  
        • Access Control and Door locks: Secure entry points and manage who enters and exits your property. 
        • Monitoring: Providing consistent oversight to bolster security measures. 


        Elevate Your Home with Smart Technology

        Our cutting-edge home automation technology is designed to transform homes into a technologically advanced, efficient, and effortless living space.  Whether you are embarking on a new home construction project or renovating your existing property, we provide tailored solutions that match your unique needs and budget.  

        Our comprehensive services include: 

        • Residential Design-Builds 
        • Electrical Installations 
        • Structured Cabling  
        • Pre-wire and Rough-in Services
        • High-Speed Network and WiFi Installations 
        • Distributed Audio/Video Systems 
        • Home Theaters 
        • HiFi Audio Rooms 
        • Automation and Integrations 
        • Lighting and Lighting Control 
        • Motorized Shades 
        • Security and Fire Solutions