Safeguarding Properties, Powering FuturesAt Arrow Electric, the Safety and Security of Your Occupants and Property is Paramount

Protect What Matters Most


Arrow Electric goes beyond standard electrical contracting to serve as your committed life safety partner. Adhering to the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), we offer an expansive suite of life safety solutions. Using advanced technology and extensive industry training, our team prioritizes your safety whether it’s a simple residential fire alarm, a complex industrial system, or a multi-building complex.

Our services:

  • Design and Installation: Custom solutions tailored to your specific safety needs. 
  • Inspections and Testing: Rigorous evaluations for robust and compliant systems. 
  • Service and Maintenance: Fast response for long-lasting, reliable performance. 
  • Monitoring: Round-the-clock vigilance to keep your property secure. 





Our Comprehensive Solutions


We provide an array of life safety solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. From fire alarm systems to 24/7 monitoring services, our offerings encompass the full spectrum of safety measures.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our dedicated team delivers constant surveillance, guaranteeing your safety and peace of mind 24/7. 

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Uninterrupted fire surveillance ensures your property’s safety and provides continuous fire protection, around the clock. 

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Enhance radio communications for first responders in critical situations with our Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) solutions. 

Access Control Systems

Ensure property security and occupant’s safety with our advanced access control solutions, custom-tailored to meet your specific needs.

Video Surveillance

Elevate property security with our state-of-the-art security camera systems, providing unmatched surveillance and peace of mind. 

Why Choose Arrow Electric for Life Safety?

Discover the qualities that set us apart and make us the go-to provider of life safety solutions. 

  • Safety First: Active Safety Committee dedicated to workplace health.
    Expertise: Highly trained staff for solutions across multiple sectors.  
  • Compliant: Licensed in multiple states, meeting the highest security standards. 
  • Industry Partners: Aligned with Autocall, Kantech, RATH, and RSI for top-notch solutions.

Serving Diverse Industries:

Your Safety, Our Expertise

Whether it’s your home or business, we have life safety solutions tailored to your needs.
Different industries have unique safety needs. We specialize in creating customized solutions to meet these requirements. We serve customers in various industries, each with a unique set of challenges, and we’re experienced in designing and delivering life safety solutions to all, big or small. 

Commercial | Industrial | Retail | Manufacturing | Health Care | Education | Governmental | Residential 

Our Life Safety Management Team

James K. Foltz
Nimai Kasecky
Vice President
Eric Birdwell
Low Voltage Operations Manager
James Meller
Low Voltage Project Manager
Collyn Schlagenhauff
Low Voltage Project Manager

Choose Arrow Electric for unrivaled life safety solutions. We are committed to helping you protect what matters most.