Protect your home or business with a reliable fire alarm system

Arrow Electric: Your Fire Alarm Experts

We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of Autocall Fire Alarm Systems. Whether you need a conventional or addressable fire alarm system, we have the expertise to install and service the right system type for your needs. 

Our Fire Alarm Services

Design and Installation 

We custom design and install our Autocall Fire Alarm System to meet insurance and fire code requirements. Our certified and licensed technicians perform all installations with the highest level of professionalism, prioritizing quality workmanship and minimal business interruption. 

Inspection and Testing

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) mandates fire alarm testing and establishes the minimal level of performance necessary. Allow our expert team to prioritize and schedule your annual mandatory tests, ensuring your system operates smoothly and remains in compliance for your peace of mind

Benefits of Fire Alarm Testing: 

  • Compliance Assurance: Regular fire alarm testing ensures your system adheres to industry standards and local regulations, keeping your property in compliance.
  • Cost-Effective Protection: Prevent costly fines and penalties by scheduling routine fire alarm tests and inspections.
  • Insurance Compliance: Provide proof of your fire alarm system’s proper functioning to your insurance company, meeting their requirements and potentially lowering premiums.
  • Enhanced Safety: Ensure the ongoing safety of your property and its occupants by verifying the functionality of your fire alarm system through testing. 

Service and Maintenance

We offer comprehensive service and maintenance for your fire alarm system, ensuring it operates reliably when you need it most. Our dedicated team of skilled technicians is committed to keeping your system in optimal condition, providing you with the assurance of continued safety and functionality. 


Speed and reliability are paramount during emergencies. At Arrow Electric, we provide 24/7 central station monitoring for your fire alarm system, ensuring rapid deployment of first responders when needed most. Our highly trained operators staff our central station facilities, ready to respond swiftly. If your system is activated, our operators will immediately relay your location and essential information to emergency personnel, ensuring a prompt and efficient response. We offer central station monitoring services through various communication methods, including standard phone lines (POTS Lines), internet protocol (IP), and cellular transmission, prioritizing your safety and security.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my fire alarm beeping?

If your fire alarm is beeping, several common reasons may be responsible for the issue. These include:

  • Battery Replacement: If your fire alarm beeps, it may be time to replace the existing batteries with fresh ones to ensure optimal performance. Keep in mind, in accordance with NFPA code requirements, batteries must be replaced every five years, regardless of whether they currently pass load testing. 
  • Loose or Incorrect Batteries: Check for any disconnection between the battery slot and connections. Ensure batteries are correctly inserted and consider popping them out and reseating them if necessary. 
  • Dirty Smoke Detector Cover: Dust and debris can accumulate in the sensor chamber over time, causing the fire alarm to beep. Periodically inspect for any foreign particles and clean the sensor chamber to maintain proper functionality. Autocall Smart Sensors offer three warning stages for dirty detectors before reaching the fourth stage, which indicates a potential nuisance fire alarm condition. 
  • Environmental Factors: Humidity or non-fire-related smoke in the environment can occasionally trigger false alarms. Understanding these environmental influences can help troubleshoot beeping alarms.

 If the problem persists or you require further assistance, please contact our fire alarm specialists. 

How often should a commercial fire alarm be inspected?

You should have your commercial fire alarm tested and inspected based on local authority jurisdiction and business classification. Fire alarm systems must undergo annual testing as mandated by NFPA code.

How to silence a false alarm on my fire alarm system?

If your fire alarm triggers a false alarm, follow these steps: 

  1. Identify the alarm area: Access the main panel or the nearest remote annunciator to pinpoint the affected area.
  2. Investigate the cause: Check for signs of smoke or fire in the area; if present, follow company procedures for response. If no immediate danger is evident, proceed to locate the triggered device to determine the cause, such as a dirty detector or an activated pull station. 
  3. Post-investigation steps: In a genuine fire situation, defer to first responders for handling. In the case of a false alarm, follow jurisdiction-specific guidelines; some regions only permit first responders to silence and reset the panel, while others may allow on-site personnel to perform these actions if authorized. 

What happens during a fire alarm inspection?

During a fire alarm inspection, our specialists adhere to the current NFPA guidelines outlined in the testing chapter of the code book. This comprehensive inspection includes: 

  • Functional testing of 100% of all accessible initiating devices, such as smoke detectors and pull stations. 
  • Functional testing of all notification devices, including horn/strobes and speaker/strobes. 
  • A 100% test of all control functions, which may encompass elevator capture, access control door magnet security for egress, smoke control functions, and more. 
  • Load testing of all backup batteries for the main fire alarm panel and auxiliary panels. 
  • Subsequently, a detailed inspection report is generated for the customer’s compliance records.